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  • Join the princess as she runs, jumps, floats, and fights her approach by eight worlds to save Mario from Bowser!
  • Tap in to her singular powers/vibes regulating the hold shade that enables her to whirl, catch fire, rip and turn invincible.
  • Use her parasol as a shield, a boat, to collect up and devour enemies and to strike Bowser’s minions.

Product DescriptionSuper Princess Peach brings behind the classical Mario diversion action, with a twist. The purposes have been topsy-turvy this time, as Mario has been kidnapped and Princess Peach is off to rescue him! Guide her by a array of classical 2D side-scrollers to rescue the classical diversion hero. She’ll be helped along by Kassaa, a enchanting umbrella. Kassaa can be used for a accumulation of things — from distinguished enemies, to assisting Peach float.

Super Princess Peach

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