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Product DescriptionMODEL- 72055 VENDOR- VIVENDI FEATURES- Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue Gallop the trails with Barbie as you poke for and rescue furious horses blank from the stables! Get ready for your journey by selecting your equine roving hook and an outfit for Barbie. Then float by ten pleasing areas jumping over depressed trees channel precarious bridges and more! You can even assistance Barbie disembark her equine and try trails on foot. Finally follow the horses lasso them and lapse them to safety!* Choose the undiluted roving outfit for Barbie!* Customize your really own horse! Change the cloak locks tail and more!* Rescue baby equine and maintain them with petting and feeding! * Solve puzzles and equivocate obstacles via the adventure! * 2-player action! Play alone or plea your crony to a race! — SPECIFICATIONS ———————————–ESRB Rating : E for EveryoneGenre/Category : PlatformSystem : PlayStation 2Number of Players : Compatible Peripherals: MANUFACTURER WARRANTY: 90 DAYS

Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue

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