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Product DescriptionPuma takes a character evidence from sprinters with these neat Usan sneakers. Synthetic and tanned hide top in a infrequent jaunty sneaker character with a turn toe and stitched tanned hide toe cap. Signature Puma side striping, a low padded neck cuff and streamlined lacing element emanate a à la mode silhouette. Puma (R)Uni Technology building a whole top facilities a direct-attach stitched outsole, with no outmost midsole. Textile backing and cushioning insole, EVA inner midsole. Carbon rubber hold outsole. Amazon. com Product DescriptionPUMA’s Usan shoe is done for sprinting, but you’ll wish to wear it no make a difference what you’re doing. The Euro-sleek character promises to element your infrequent clothing, whilst the visibly cushioned outsole massages each step.

PUMA Men’s Usan Sneaker

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  • TORSION SYSTEM for midfoot integrity

Product DescriptionStick to the idealisation classical with the adidas® Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes. Amazon. com Product DescriptionAdidas’ mythological indoor shoe, the Samba Classic Soccer Shoe, facilities soft tanned hide and a low-profile resin rubber outsole to give the chosen player idealisation control. They additionally suggest a full-grain tanned hide top for joy and a soft feel, die-cut EVA for lightweight comfort. Better yet, they have a non-marking outsole for make use of on discriminating indoor surfaces. Amazon. com Product DescriptionThere’s a reason this mythological indoor shoe still sells similar to mad. Perfection never goes out of style. Its soft tanned hide top and low-profile resin rubber outsole give the chosen player idealisation control.

adidas Men’s Samba Classic Soccer Shoe

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