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Product Description6 Black Leatherette Watch Bracelet Boxes Jewelry Gift. This is a brand new set of 6 black mistake tanned hide bangle ornament on the arm and watch present boxes. The inside of the boxes have been lined with white velvet. These pleasing boxes have a bullion color pattern on the tip of the box adding magnificence to any store arrangement or gift. All embody a dual square white outdoor present box for easy wrapping. Each measures we estimate 3 3/4″ x 3″ x 2″ (95 x 76 x 51 mm).

6 Black Leatherette Watch Bracelet Boxes Jewelry Gift

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    Product DescriptionFor the idealisation in presentation, a high peculiarity hand-made cherry wooden present box with white leatherette interior and a removable leatherette cushion. The box is perfectly for bangles, watches, and bracelets. Golden hinged outdoor packer for easy removal.

    Large Cherry Wooden Watch/Bangle Jewelry Gift Box

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      Product DescriptionNew Black Faux Leather & Velvet Ring, Bracelet, Watch, Earring & Chain Display Case. This is a brand new black mistake tanned hide & velvet ring, bracelet, watch, earring & sequence arrangement printed matter with a pullout handle. Store and strengthen your samples in this compress veteran portfolio as you travel. With this printed matter you demeanour as if you have been carrying writings rsther than than jewelry. This has 8 sequence tabs with effervescent straps to reason down necklaces, 3 snap close ring bars, 2 snap close earring strips and 5 effervescent ornament on the arm selections. The interior is black velvet and it has a vinyl lonesome froth insert and has a black mistake tanned hide exterior. Measures we estimate 10″ x 14″ (254 x 355 mm) closed.

      Black Leather Ring Bracelet Watch Earring Chain Necklace Jewelry Travel Display Box

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        Product Description2 New Flocked Bracelet Gift Boxes For Jewelry Displays, Showcases & Countertops. This is a brand new set of 2 flocked ornament on the arm boxes. These boxes concede you to benefaction valuables in a stylish, careful flocked boxes. The boxes have been black and lined with white fine cloth on the inside. Each box measures we estimate 8 7/8″ x 1 1/2″ x 1 1/8″ (225 x 38 x twenty-eight mm).

        2 Black Bracelet Watch Gift Boxes Jewelry Display Box

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