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  • 12 fun-filled, brave mini-games.
  • Collect treasures from the island with Rosella¿ and her animal family.
  • Single Player
  • Impress the Royal Court with your dance moves.

Product DescriptionAn Adventure Of A Lifetime Awaits You! Join Barbie¿ as Rosella¿, the shipwrecked princess, and her family of animal friends on her pleasant island. Raised by a red panda, a peacock, and a baby elephant, Rosella¿ knows zero of her genuine temperament until brave Prince Antonio¿ discovers her pleasant island. Through fun-filled mini-games, you will transport from the island home of Rosella¿ to the coastal palace of Prince Antonio¿.

Barbie: Island Princess

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rosella and prince antonio


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  • First TRUE tutorial product for the Wii for kids ages 5-9.
  • A enchanting 3D guidance sourroundings packaged with games and adventures and dark surprises
  • Seamlessly integrated guidance games which inspire players to make use of math and celebration of the mass and vicious meditative skills to consequence practical rewards
  • Over 150 math and celebration of the mass and vicious meditative ability games

Product DescriptionTake off on an island journey packaged with excitement! Designed for kids ages 5-9, JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island is the second pretension in the JumpStart array of adventure-based guidance games for the Wii. This action-packed diversion invites players to make use of their path-finder skills and brain energy to find a approach to shun a puzzling island after a pile-up alighting strands them there! As players competition to pick up the pieces indispensable to correct their blimp, they’ll need to sentinel off the annoying hair balls well known as Punk Punks and navigate 3D worlds both on top of and next the water. Along the way, players can make use of over 150 math, celebration of the mass and vicious meditative skills—the fun way! Wii Remote record which allows players to run, jump, fly, swim, hurl and dance opposite a practical island. The possibility for players to demonstrate themselves whilst selecting the undiluted avatar outfit, hair, facilities and more!

Jumpstart Escape Adventure island

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  • Search for 1000s of dark objects via 7 scary and severe levels
  • Experience the vivid beauty of twenty blow up and minute environments
  • Immersive gameplay which pulls you in to the secluded, 1950?s mental institution
  • Featuring characters as seen in the movie

Product DescriptionYou take on the purpose of U. S. Marshall Teddy Daniels! Teddy has been reserved to Shutter Island, home of Ashecliffe Hospital for the Criminally Insane. In this Hidden Object journey game, it’s up to you to find and pick up the justification and expose a web of deception. The longer you stay, the earlier you comprehend the query is no longer only to find escapees, but to find a approach to shun Shutter Island.

Shutter Island

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