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  • Patented pattern privately for 360 grade digital TV accepting eliminates adjustments
  • Receives internal HD and DTV broadcasts and supports 1080 resolution
  • Outperforms normal antennas due to law design
  • Slim paintable form in black to mix with high tech components
  • Coaxial wire built in

Product DescriptionRCA ANT1600 prosaic indoor receiver is written privately for digital TV signals. Gives some-more accurate directional accepting than analog signals to yield unchanging performance. Unique law receiver pattern eliminates the con of primer adjustments by accepting signals from 360 degrees. Gives higher vigilance accepting of internal HD and all digital TV broadcasts. Supports 1080 fortitude accepting and outperforms normal antennas. Paintable receiver can be hung or laid flat. Slim black form disappears in to the surroundings. Built in awaken wire and 1 year singular warranty.

RCA ANT1600 Flat Digital Passive Indoor TV Antenna

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