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  • Left and Right included! Sold as a Pair for improved fit!
  • Pain service for bunions, hammertoe and parsimonious shoes!
  • Easy doing creates the Bravo-fit 2-Way Shoe Stretcher the preferred apparatus for do-it-yourself shoe stretching.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Product DescriptionTwo Stretchers a Left and a Right Constructed in pleasing wood. It has happened to us all we get those code brand new boots on the feet usually to find which they’re intolerable to wear. Or we have which span of boots which we love but they never seemed to fit correctly. Whether it is narrowing of the shoe the need to break-in the shoe or a feet ailment such as a corn or bunion you do not need to humour any longer! Relieve suffering caused by worried boots with the morality of branch knobs! Alleviate the annoy of feet ailments such as corns or bunions! Zero in on unpleasant vigour points! Leave your boots seeking good but deleterious them in any way! With Bravo-Fit Shoe Stretchers you can soothe these unpleasant symptoms in only a couple of easy stairs by regulating this modernized two-way shoe bracket all but deleterious your shoes. Simply place the bracket inside the shoe and spin the doorknob to set up pressure. Additionally you can spin the hoop to regulate the breadth of the shoe all at once! With these elementary stairs you will be on your approach to carrying boots which demeanour and feel as yet they were law done for your feet. Plus Bravo-Fit Shoe Stretcher has specifically placed fine-tuning holes which concede you to insert the enclosed pop-in widen plugs vouchsafing you 0 in on unpleasant vigour points. Bravo-Fit Shoe Stretcher functions in most sorts of boots both men’s and Women’s together with flats heels and even boots which zip down in the behind or have backs which can be rolled down to house the tuning handle. This equates to which you can wear all the hottest styles but subjecting yourself to the suffering of muscle action in to the shoes.

Bravo-fit Deluxe Shoe Stretchers Ladies Size 9-11

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