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mar1344 asked:

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I Did Not Make This.
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EDIT: Ok, I think the receptive to advice emanate is taken caring of. Make certain to discuss it me if you still get this problem.

GOD! YES! FINALLY! After A year of work, an grievous 16k support extent complaint (found a vapid workaround), actionscript troubles, peep crashes, and a garland of alternative small problems, the final partial to the "Sonic: Nazo Unleashed&quo t; trilogy is COMPLETE!

The movie is sixteen mins long, so get comfortable. Many interjection for Tom for his rapid email to lift my upload extent and to all my PATIENT fans who’s reviews I all the time demeanour for.

YES. There have been DBZ influences, some-more so than the final 2, so if that’s not a problem, enjoy!

It’d be good if you guys could click which "submit to collection" symbol on the bottom left of the shade and send it to the "Sonic the Hedgehog" pick up :D. Hell, I wouldn’t mind my own small page the "Nazo Unleashed" trilogy :X…

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