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suckytime asked:

snowmobile grass dart pile-up by jaya lange suckytime productions


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redbull asked:

UPDATE: Almost done it, but it was overwhelming anyway. And you know Levi isn’t accomplished yet, we’ll see you again soon… Watch out Travis Pastrana, Levi LaVallee is rebuilt to try the first-ever stand in backflip on a snowmobile at Winter X Games 13! Don’t skip the live promote on ESPN tonight (Friday, January 23) at 9:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm PT and see what Levi whips out out during the Winter X Games Next Trick contest!, where backflipping the unfit happens.


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MonsterArmy asked:

Monster Energys Paul Thacker completed his mental condition jumping a snowmobile some-more than 300 feet by the air and alighting safely behind to earth at Minnesotas Brainerd International Raceway and, in the process, environment a miracle which will be perpetually remembered in both movement sports and the competition of snowmobiling.


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