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Purelife asked:

How do I broadcast my stereo bluetooth from my bluetooth enabled phone to my car’s stereo? My car is already handsfree enabled, but does not await stereo bluetooth song streaming. I’ve been acid for a little sort of bluetooth receiver which has a 3.5 mm jack which will offshoot up to my car’s aux port, which approach I can tide song wirelessly from my phone. Anyone have an ideas? I can’t appear to find such a device.


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transmit bluetooth to car audio

army sgt1 asked:

I know the colors of all the orator wires in the harness, but i have no thought how i could take a stereo cable(like the finish of headphones) and splice it in there.I have one wire for front speakers and one for back speakers.


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Matthew asked:

I need to know if possible, how I can reinstate the old stereo in my car. I found a good understanding on this stereo and prior to I buy it I wish to know if it will be means to fit in my car and how to do it. The old stereo is double-din.


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23 asked:

I am shortly to get a used car, but I am uncertain if the stereo will or not. However, I will reinstate the stereo in any case of the condition.

My subject is: What is the most appropriate car stereo (brand or type) to get?


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